Thanks to our friends at Richardson in Sheffield, we’ve been able to come up with some very useful information
about different types of knives and their uses.

This is the first part and deals with the six main knife types…

1. Paring Knife


Has a 3-4” blade and is used for peeling fruit and vegetables, as well as top and tailing them.

2. All Purpose Knife

A 5” blade that cuts, slices and trims meats, vegetables and sandwiches.

3. 15cm Cook’s Knife


A very versatile knife with a wide tapering blade enabling the cook to rock the knife when slicing and dicing,
while the heel protects the knuckles.

4. Carving Knife

Has an 8-14” blade which can have serrated or non-serrated edges, for carving and slicing meats, larger fruit,
boneless roasts and poultry.

5. 20cm Cook’s Knife

A bigger version of the 15cm Cook’s Knife, still just as versatile with the wide tapering blade making it perfect
for rocking the knife when preparing food, with the heel designed to protect the knuckles.

6. Breadknife

Has a rigid 8-9” blade with serrations to break into the crust and slice without tearing the bread

They’ll be more information on specialist knives in my next blog.

See you soon at Cookshop Direct


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