Here is the third and final Blog piece about speciality knives.  The information is supplied by our good friends at Richardson of Sheffield.

If you would like to see our Richardson range click here


Nakiri Knife
A beautiful Japanese style knife, perfect for slicing and chopping all types of vegetables.


Sashimi Knife
Originally designed for slicing raw fish and seafood, the Sashimi knife is perfect for carving and slicing all sorts of meats, larger fruits, boneless roasts and poultry.


Santoku Knife
When the demand for Samurai Sword artistry was in decline, the Japanese craftsmen who made the swords turned their skills to high quality domestic knives that could be used for all purposes including chopping meat and vegetables.

I hope these Blogs on the various types of specialist knives have been useful.

I will be posting more about specialist cooking tools and utensils in the future.

In the meantime – keep cooking and baking!!



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