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Bringing a twist to preparing vegetables

Cookshop direct has introduced a wonderful new kitchen utensil – the Spiralizer.

What a great idea!

It’s a winner on all fronts. It is perfect for the health conscious cook and a handy tool for people who might not have the knife skills to julienne and finely slice fruit and vegetables.

Your kids will love it as well because you can now use vegetables to create spirals, slices, ribbons, shreds, noodles and chips.

If you want to reduce your carb intake it is also the perfect solution as it allows you to create textured dishes quickly from vegetables. For example, you can replace spaghetti with ‘courgetti’, thin noodles of courgette that are more delicious than spaghetti and full of nutrients.

So it’s great for increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet and no electrical connection is required. It’s easy to use and quick to clean and ideal for creating raw vegetable dishes and replacing pasta with vegetable noodles.

I found a youtube link that shows the Spiralizer in action (although this it has a different name in USA – The Spiroli!!) – click here

The Spiralizer is available now from Cookshop Direct, but hurry if you want one as stocks are limited.

Click here to see the Dexam Spiralizer on the site.


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